Beer & Wine Festivals
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Wine Festival

In March, the South Carolina Festival attracts more than 1,000 wine lovers from around the country, as well as chefs and winemakers from around the world. This spring, the festival attracted more than 30 of the best local chefs, and winery owners came from as far afield as New York City, Los Angeles, New Jersey and California. The main event is the International Tasting Festival, but there is also a big dinner and an auction called the Bacchanalia Gala.  graphicIf you fancy tropical heat, head to Mauritius to attend the annual Culinaire Festival, named after the late French chef Bernard Loiseau. The four-day event ended with some of the best wines, grilled specialties and tacos made from lowland ingredients. During the festival there is also a wine tasting and a truffle dinner on Saturdays and Sundays.  recreationVisits from guest chefs and events combining food and wine, as well as wine tastings and a wine auction. The Gourmet Escape takes place on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm in the Gourmands Restaurant.

Gourmet Truffle Dinner

On Friday and Saturday, there is a wine tasting and truffle dinner, on Sunday a dinner and a wine auction. The annual Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, held in Honolulu each September, was created by James Beard Award winner Roy Choi, co-founder of the Hawaii Wine and Food Institute and former chef/owner of Kilauea in Kona. The four-day event builds on the success of the first year, which featured more than 1,000 wines from around the world, as well as local, regional, and international wines. The annual Fall Festival has previously attracted timeshare owners (I'm going to cancel my timeshare) who have units in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., but this year some of the country's leading chefs, winemakers, and wine experts are also expected to attend. All proceeds from the festival will go to Share the Harvest, a non-profit dedicated to ending child hunger through food security, education, health, and education for children and families in need. In November, notoriously passionate wine and food lovers come to Southern California to celebrate the largest festival of its kind in the region. Let's just say that this festival, which attracts famous winemakers and brewers from all over the country as well as local gourmets, means that serious gastronomic enjoyment is required. The Los Angeles County Wine and Food Festival (LAWF) hosts the largest wine festival in the state of California and one of the most prestigious wine festivals in the world. Highlights include a wide selection of local and regional wines, as well as local craft beers, wine and food from local restaurants.

Napa Valley Festival

The 14th Annual Festival of Napa Valley celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with themed concerts and events. For six weeks, specialties from over 25 countries will be presented, with live music, food trucks, wine tastings, art, music, and more. The Taste of Napa event offers the opportunity to taste over 70 local wineries and restaurants, with live music, food trucks, wine tastings, art, music, and more. Entry is accompanied by a souvenir wine glass and unlimited tastings, and whether you are looking for reds, whites or even topping up, your palate will surely be satisfied. After all, winemaking is an art, so why not enjoy a glass or two of wine surrounded by world-class performers, with live music, food trucks, art, music and more. Part of the beauty of this event is that you can talk to wine experts who are happy to share details about the finer points of the wine. We have a wide selection of options, from the classic red and white wines to the more exotic wines, and these options include a variety of wines from around the world as well as a selection of local and international wines.  sampleIf there is anything better than a wine festival, it's the opportunity to get a really big bottle when the collector hands it over to you at an elaborate open-air dinner. Bring something special and don't ask for a sip, that is what you find better at wine festivals. The Alba Truffle Festival, held in October and November, is a good way to buy truffles at prices you can afford, although be careful to check the current prices and, if possible, get the help of knowledgeable locals to help you negotiate your purchase.  sampleF fills the time between concerts with a variety of activities, from live music by local bands and artists to exploring the exceptionally beautiful countryside and getting to know some obscure local grape varieties. The festival takes place in the Castello di San Salvatore, built at the end of the 13th or beginning of the 14th century. The Wine Festival, which spans the whole of Italy, is organized by the Italian Wine Festival, the largest wine festival in Italy and one of the largest in the world. It is limited to a limited number of events such as a wine tasting and a concert by local bands, but there is a wide range of food and drinks as well as live music and performances.